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airtel 3G @Rs 9

The best 3G pack for downloading files on INTERNET......

Hey, friends it's about the Airtel 3G pack of Rs 9. Which provides unlimited 3G data at cost of only Rs 9 but for 30 mins restriction. It's validity is for 1 day.

Here is how you can get a very good advantage of this pack:

  • If you want to download big files on INTERNET without wasting lots of money and time then this pack is made for you only.
  • First of all make your balance equals to zero so that after the end of 30 mins you don't loose your any money.
  • Send 3G to 121 to activate 3G on your sim [no need if already activated].
  • Then recharge your number with the pack Rs 9. If you want activate the pack from your mobile then GO HERE
  • Use 2G Internet to connect to the Internet and search for the file which you have to download after that save that downloading in IDMAN [software which is t download files faster~~].
  • Then connect your PC to airtel 3G and start your Downloading with the blazing fast speed of 700 kbps - 1 mbps.
  • So, in 30 mins you can download 1GB [approx] of file and for only Rs 9.

Speed Test: